Thursday, April 11, 2013

Its been too long.

I can't believe a year has almost gone by. It is a bitter sweet moment, I am so excited and blessed to have made it to a year with such a good baby.
Medical updates: Harper is doing so well! I couldn't be a prouder momma. He is eating really well, despise the tube still in. He is crawling everywhere and into everything. He is off oxygen and growing so big. He is jabbering and acts like he's talking. He cracks me up every day. His new thing is to listen on the phone for Daddy. 
Here are a few pics of the latest going on in the Rich Family.

We had a friend of ours take our family pics for a Christmas card, it was hectic trying to get the tube out and getting pictures taken but I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. (I know, I'm a psycho mom for pulling his tube out for pics and then putting it back in....)
We had our first get away with this little guy down to St. George with our good friends Josh and Dana Dunyon. We had a blast and Harper had his first kiss with the cutest girl around! Stud already. (Bonus= she's an older women)
Our first trip to see the lights at Temple Square with Harps

First time sitting up at Harper's cousins house. We were so excited!

I love this two boys, and who can resist that laugh and smile on the little one

New Year's Eve with Pop-pop

Cardiologist check-up, took him off oxygen. Such a good big boy

My birthday was a blast. I was able to stuff my face with yummy food and take a weekend trip with my parents down to St. George to see family and the Home Show. (It's what I love, I know CRAZY!)

These two fight over toys, but I'm worried because I think Harper really wants to be a dog when he grows up. He learns too much from Lucy.
So I'm introducing you all to someone very special in our family. This sweet boy was in the same room at Primary's when Harper was flown up there. They were together 10 days before they switched rooms. Look how good Bronco looks. I was able to get in touch with his Mommy and he is doing so good. It is so nice to hear of these amazing warriors and they're success so far out from surgery. It is so nice to know sometimes that moms go through the same struggles and heartache as we have. He is a special boy and he has been an inspiration to us. They share the same defect, but Harper's hole is obviously larger so we had to take another route. This family helped lift us in dark times and help us understand what to expect as a parent. We love them and will ever be grateful for their friendship and their sweet boy, Harper's first friend. 

Harper's first time crawling. We were just playing and all the sudden he just went. I couldn't be a happier mommy. It was a special moment for me. He had been seeing a therapist to help him with his development. Once he crawled, I cancelled our next appointment and haven't gone back since. He isn't behind, he's right on track! (MDB)

We had our first trip away with Harper. We went to Arizona with Pop-pop. Harper's first airplane ride was amazing. He did so so good. Everyone kept coming up to us and telling us how good he did and what a good traveler he is. I agree. We were able to go to a little farm petting zoo for just a bit, Harper was a little unsure but loved touching all the animals there. 

While in AZ, we were able to see our good friend's baby boy Cooper. He is such sweetheart and already such a cutie. It was so good to catch up with Amanda and BJ our good friends. 

Our first time in the pool with Harps. He loved it. Couldn't get enough of the pool, every time we took him out he wanted back in. He kept trying to pick up the water and eat it....silly boy
I think I have been pumping way too long.... (need I say more)

We had an opportunity to go to Quinn's good friend's concert, Imagine Dragons. We used to go in Provo at the Velour to watch him, but I guess he's big time now. Most of my family was able to go, it was so fun to dance and have a good time. 
Harper was getting into trouble at Grandma Jod's house while we were away

Harper's first haircut by his Aunt Amber

Cute itty bitty bum bum

For some reason at Grandma Bev's house, Harper kept trying to get on his head... Silly boy

Growing up so fast, already looks like a little boy

Bike ride with Aunt Coley and cousin Lexi

He will hate us when he's older....

Grandma Jod took us all to the Hogle Zoo, such a great day. Harper loved the bears and the seals. My favorite were the giraffes. 

We had a fun day at the park with cousins on a warm spring day. We had a little picnic and played. Such a good day. Harper loves being outside, we missed a lot last year when he struggled with the heat, so we will live it up this year!

I just wanted to take a moment and remember how blessed I am. I have a happy, healthy, strong little boy. He amazes me every day. I can't get enough of him. He makes me laugh and cry, but most of all he's taught me what true love is. I couldn't have been through everything this year without my best friend. Andrew has been such a great strength to me and I couldn't have been the mother I am without his love, support, and encouragement through everything. 
One night I was watching this sweet boy sleep, I just thanked the Lord that he is healthy. I could see his chest rise and fall at a normal rhythm. It's a miracle he can breathe on his own, without oxygen. I have been so blessed, this little boy is so special and I couldn't be luckier to be his momma. 

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